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written by Olivia Wettengel

June 4, 2024

…Or pool party, or apartment get-together. Wherever you live, make this Fourth of July one to remember with these tips for throwing some fabulous Fourth festivities.
  • Pick a Fun Venue

One of the make-or-breaks of a good party is where it’s held. But that doesn’t mean a mansion or the beach are the only places where you can have fun! As long as your venue has a place for food, games, and people, then you’ve got all you need to make it memorable. Maybe your apartment building has a pool or hot tub–have your get-together there! Or on the grass at your student housing community’s grill areas. Or, find a nearby park! If you’re lucky and live near the beach, you might even be able to have it there. But who can go wrong with a good ol’ college house party? Your own apartment might be the best place to host your Independence Day bash.

  • Put a Spin on Classic Fourth Foods
Everyone loves the classic American BBQ. Hot dogs, burgers, watermelon–it’s hard to go wrong. But if you want your party to be one to remember, serve these classics with a twist! Below are six classic Fourth foods with a spin so you can wow your guests without disappointment. 
Another sure-to-please aspect to include in your BBQ is a soda bar! Refreshing and fun, this unique addition to your party will be a fan favorite. 
  • Decorate Like You Love Your Country

Decorations are key to transforming your space into a patriotic, America-loving party central. They don’t have to be fancy or over-the-top; a few fun pops of color to spruce up the venue will have the effect you need. Check out our Amazon Storefront for some budget-friendly decorations to buy, as well as this crafty decoration to adorn your party, and even provide a fun activity for you and your friends leading up to the holiday. 

Linked below is our Amazon list with decorations, as well as a fun DIY craft to use as decor at your BBQ!

  • Music is Key

Music sets the tone for the day, and the right playlist will boost your party like nothing else. Mix patriotic tunes with summer vibes for the perfect music to play during your party!

View our Spotify playlist here for festive summer songs to roll in the background at your get-together!

  • Plan Things to Do
A party isn’t complete without things to do. Plan some games for your guests to play to keep the party going all the way up until the fireworks! Set up a ping pong table or corn hole, play the name game, Spikeball, Smashball, the options are endless.
  • Always be done in time for fireworks!
Always be sure your party is done in time to watch fireworks at dark! Plan a way for your guests to get to the nearest viewing area, or better yet, watch them from your own place! Whatever it is, fireworks are a tradition that no one wants to miss. It’ll be the perfect ending to your perfect party.
With these tips, your Fourth of July BBQ is sure to be the party of the year. What better way to celebrate America than by having a good ol’ barbecue with your loved ones?