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10 Low-Budget Outdoor Hobbies to Try This Spring

April 9, 2024

Ahhh. Spring, we’ve missed you. Sunshine and butterflies are just around the corner as our late-winter blues are beginning to melt away. Aren’t we all just itching to get outside and romanticize our new life with springtime activities? Here’s a list of some outdoor hobbies you gotta try out this season…

1. Go Camping

…Or glamping, if you’d rather. Get yourself a tent and some sleeping bags (or a double sleeping bag if you’re camping with your s/o), prep some camping meals like this one, and spend a night or two under the stars, beside a warm fire, soaking in the nature that early spring brings.

2. Make Picnic Treats

Picnics are underrated. There’s something about them that invigorates the soul and defrosts the strife of a long winter stuck inside. What makes them even better–sweet treats! (And salty ones, too.) We’ve included some of our favorite recipes for quick snacks to make for the perfect springtime picnic.

3. Go Fishing

Fly fishing, spearfishing, netting, you name it. While this may not appeal to all, it’s an adventurous way to bond with the friends you bring along. There’s gotta be a river, or a pond, or an ocean nearby. Find your water, do some research, and find yourself “gone fishin’” this season.

4. Pick Your Own Bouquet

Spring means flowers, am I right? Whether it be a pick-your-own grown field, wildflowers scattered across the mountains, or buds from your own backyard, there’s a wide array of flowers to choose from this time of year. Mix & match your favs to make a stunning bouquet to keep on your kitchen table. Bouquet Inspo here!

5. Play Pickleball

It’s no doubt the sport of pickleball has left its mark on the active world since 2020. It’s a great way to get your Vitamin D and have fun with friends. Organize teams, get your gear, and play ball! Maybe even make it into a bracket competition and give the winning team a prize!

6. Harness Your Inner-Artist

As we appreciate the beauty of God’s creations, we tend to want to share it with others. If you’ve got any breathtaking spring scenery around you (flower fields, a waterfall, a nest of baby chicks), open up your palette and watercolor it! Then, display your masterpiece in your house, or gift it to a loved one to spread some springtime cheer.

7. Go Biking

It could be a nice, leisurely trip through your neighborhood or a sweaty cycle across the canyon. Brush the rust off your old bike and take it out for a spin as you breathe fresh air and burn some calories.

8. Explore Your Local Farmers Market

Aside from pretty nature, spring also brings a new selection of vibrant fruits and vegetables. Find a farmers market near you to get a taste of your local produce, then make a salad, fruit tart, or even a quiche with your newly bought farm-fresh ingredients. Plus, wholesale products tend to be cheaper than at the grocery store!

9. Do Some Outdoor Yoga

You could do it indoors, but then we wouldn’t have an article to write. Take advantage of the sunshine by doing some relaxing yoga on the beach, at a park, or in your backyard. Linked below are some of our fav yoga videos–perfect for an outdoor relaxation sesh.

10. Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Herbs cost a fortune! Why not grow your own? Save money and a trip or two to the store by planting your own basil, cilantro, parsley–whatever leafy green your culinary heart desires. Spring is the best time to do it, so get to it! If you wanna get high-tech, invest in this indoor herb garden to keep on your counter. It will definitely pay off in the amount of herbs it produces.

Let us know which hobbies you try out by tagging us in your stories or posts, and we will repost! This spring, let’s get outside🌷☀️🏕️